Sunday, March 08, 2009

roshi vala myani dilbaro

youtubus peTh chhi vany' vaaryah kaa'shiry' baa'th melaan. booziv shahsaqib sund pesh (mix) kormut yi baa'th. hargaah video kari na kho'sh, achh thavizev vaTith. kanan baapath chhu shahad.

यूट्यूबस प्यठ छि वन्य् वार्याह कॉशिर्य् बॉथ मेलान। बूज़िव शाह-साकिब सुन्द पेश (मिक्स) कोरमुत यि बॉथ. हरगाह वीडियो खोश कर्यव न, अछ थविज़्यव वटिथ। कनन बापथ छु शहद।

OK, ok, I know even Kashmiri speakers are going to find the Kashmiri text difficult. So, this is what I am saying above the video. Now it is great to find a number of Kashmiri songs through youtube. Here is a song presented, or rather video-mixed, by shahsaqib. The song here is incomplete. Need to look for the complete version. Visuals in most of the videos on youtube are not great, but the audio is excellent. So, just close your eyes and enjoy the melody.

For those that do not know, Shamima Dev Azad, the singer of this song is a famous singer from Kashmir, and is married to Ghulam Nabi Azad, General Secretary of Indian National Congress and ex-Chief Minister of J&K.

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